May 2018 | eNewsletter
This year Edinboro University is celebrating its 160th anniversary. This should be a time for the school to take note of all of its accomplishments, its history, and its tradition of academic excellence. But Edinboro is doing a lot more than just looking back.

April 2018 | eNewsletter
From more than 2,250 entries received, BD&E was awarded Best of Show for an undergraduate recruiting brochure it developed for Bethany College. The brochure tells the stories of four alumni and how their careers are progressing post-graduation.

March 2018 | eNewsletter
BD&E proudly adds another new college website to our portfolio! Comprehensively developed in just four months, the new Bethany College site required custom design, engineering and programming by our team.

February 2018 | eNewsletter
Henderson Brothers has been insuring Pittsburgh’s businesses and families for 125 years. Their rich history began by insuring barges on Pittsburgh’s three rivers and has expanded over the decades…

January 2018 | eNewsletter
From a fully integrated e-commerce website to the newly released 244-page product catalog, BD&E helps Southpaw Enterprises manage its brand and product showcasing. With a national audience of occupational therapists…