We believe Brand Drives Everything

And we mean everything. What your key audiences think—and say—about you. How passionate your employees are. Your place in the market.

What your brand stands for impacts them all.

When it comes to something that vital to the success of your business or institution, you need to work with someone who understands how important branding is. Since 1975 we’ve been helping organizations all over the nation refine, define, enhance and grow their brands.

For more than four decades we’ve developed the tools and strategies needed for every step of the branding process. From evaluation to implementation to ongoing brand consultation, we have the strategic branding and marketing communications expertise to drive your organization forward.

How do we do it? We could use buzzwords like: “Strategic brand development, multichannel brand implementation and long-term brand management.” But for us, the definition is a little more straightforward: We listen and learn as much as we can from and about our clients, then we work to ensure a brand isn’t defined by a single tactic or campaign, but is a true discovery of the essence of an organization. After that, we bring it to life in the best, most impactful way possible.

Simply put, we’re experts at distilling and creating a brand platform. One that works well for both internal and external audiences.

We’re pretty proud of our work. But what we’re most proud of is the long-term success of our clients. Because of that success, most of them have kept us around for the long haul. Our average client relationship is 10 years. We’ve helped them continue to refine and build their brands and businesses, and along the way we built trust, gained friendships and became true partners.

But enough about us. Let’s talk about what we can do for you.


Jeff Flick

Jeffrey Flick

President & CEO
Kristina Martinez

Kristina Martinez

Executive Vice President, Creative Director
Sven de Jong

Sven de Jong

Senior Vice President

Every team member in our office has specific expertise, so each project is fully a team effort. We work collaboratively, and listen intently to our clients. This gives our work a unique quality. We’re thoughtful and detail-oriented through each step of the process, from strategy to execution. Our work stands the test of time.

BD&E Team
BD&E Team