Get to Know Y

After much research, planning and development, BD&E devised a brand identity indicative of Youngstown State University’s authenticity and dynamic environment. Youngstown State University was at a crossroads. Changing demographics in Northeastern Ohio were shrinking local enrollment and driving recruitment needs beyond the region’s boundaries. To attract its next generation of leaders and partners, YSU needed the right message to accurately characterize the University for what it truly is: a community of people who strive for excellence together.

Youngstown State University Admissions materials

That’s when BD&E stepped in. In order to deconstruct inaccurate perceptions of YSU as well as showcase all the school has to offer to past, present and future Penguins, it was crucial to compellingly articulate the University’s true brand. The “Know Y” campaign was designed to communicate to the general public the value of receiving a quality education at Youngstown State University. It’s symbolic of the overarching promise YSU makes to its students: We care, and we will get you there because we’re in this with you.

Team BD&E’s plan incorporated three key components: a compelling brandline, captivating visuals and a succinct elevator pitch. Creative execution took shape in the form of billboards, a brand essence video, on-campus banners, television and radio spots, a travel brochure, and a viewbook.

For those who ask: Why Youngstown State University? Hopefully, now you Know Y.