Living Proof

114,000 people are currently on the Transplant Waitlist. Every 9 minutes, another person is added. Surprisingly, most people are unaware they may personally have the power to save the life of one of these people by donating a kidney or a portion of their liver as a living donor.

To address this gap in understanding and join the fight against this pressing issue, BD&E was retained to demystify live organ donations and raise awareness about their significance. Our mission was clear: inspire more individuals to step forward as live organ donors and help alleviate the critical organ shortage crisis.

The Live Donor Project is dedicated to enhancing awareness and understanding of living organ donation. Through their compassionate and resilient efforts, they are making a meaningful impact on the lives of those awaiting organ transplants in the greater Pittsburgh area.

BD&E’s videos showcase the compelling stories of real donors and recipients, highlighting the life-changing and transformative effects of living organ donation. By sharing these heartfelt narratives, The Live Donor Project aims to encourage others to consider living organ donation as a life-saving opportunity.