Bash hard at work

Golden Resolutions

New year, new treats…that’s what they say, right? I’ve gotten a jumpstart on my New Year’s resolutions. For starters, I am limiting myself to only 20 minutes of spinning in circles a day. Now I just need to stay focused on the rest:

  1. Further my modeling career (that will take some grooming help)
  2. Be a positive mentor to Pearl
  3. Master the art of ruffhousing
  4. Allow myself one toy from my BarkBox for every hour of completed Top Dog duties (#GirlMath)
  5. Get at least 10,000 steps a day (my lunchtime walks support this goal)
  6. Become a canine influencer (I hear the perks are awesome)
  7. Prioritize self-care and body pawsitivity (inspired by the Barbie movie)
  8. Continue to spread joy around the BD&E office (this one is natural 😊)

2024 is gonna be my year. I can feel it in my paws.