Climbing the Ladder

So this is what success feels like! My three years as Top Dog, Client Relations have earned me a management position. It is with tremendous enthusiasm and a LOT of tail-wagging that I announce: The 2023 Top Dog Summer Internship, a new BD&E position that I am supervising.

And who is the lucky pup? Well, her name is Pearl and although she came with very limited experience, she is showing quite promising potential.

I met Pearl in a nose-to-nose interview, and before I could even start spinning in circles, I KNEW she would fit right in. I have high expectations for Pearl. She is already working on the tasks I defined for her as my apprentice: 1. Organize my extensive toy collection; 2. Destroy any and all ladders, wheeled carts, and large boxes; and 3. Book my massage appointments after long days of barking at the delivery person … Yeah, I think I could get used to this.