Embracing Sensory Therapies

The BD&E team was honored to join Southpaw at this year’s conference in Kansas City, Missouri. While on site, BD&E took the opportunity to produce three documentary-style testimonial videos highlighting Southpaw’s commitment to the occupational therapy community. The videos centered around Southpaw’s partnering with occupational therapists, assisting inventors with product development, and maintaining a generational connection to a family-owned clinic.

Packed with sessions highlighting updates on practice, professional issues and trends, the AOTA INSPIRE 2023 Annual Conference & Expo was the place to be for the occupational therapy practitioner community to learn, connect and grow together. The team at Southpaw attends the AOTA Annual Conference & Expo every year, allowing them to showcase their products’ quality and craftsmanship to thousands of occupational therapists. Southpaw looks forward to teaching and providing all the resources necessary for any OT to thrive and provide the best care for their clients.

BD&E is proud of its decade-long partnership with a company committed to improving the lives of those it serves. Southpaw works specifically in the design, fabrication and sales of sensory integration and neurodevelopmental products, all from their headquarters in Dayton, Ohio.