Bella. Bash. And Pearl.

Pawst, Present, and Future

Can you believe it? A whole generation of Top Dogs! With our most recent addition to the BD&E office, it’s hard not to be proud of how far we’ve come. I’m starting to tear up just thinking about it…but maybe that’s just the onions on the pizza I’m begging for right now.

First, there was Bella, the golden girl who paved the way for future office dogs. It’s hard to live up to her legacy, but I know she’s smiling down from heaven and cheering us all on.

Then came me of course! Although there are times I get distracted (like when there’s a toy nearby), I like to think of myself as a pup who means business. After all, who would protect the office from outside threats like Amazon deliveries and loud noises?

And now there’s Pearl, the newbie who has already shown major progress upon completing her 2023 Top Dog Summer Internship. I’m proud to call her my apprentice. Yep, the future of BD&E is in good paws.