Creating Life-Altering Space

A growing and prosperous client for the past nine years, Southpaw retains BD&E to strategically manage all aspects of its marketing communications. Most recently, we recommended and produced this short documentary chronicling the life-changing effects one of their Multi-Sensory Environment (MSE) installations is having at Verland—an intermediate care facility for those with intellectual disabilities.

Verland is just one of Southpaw’s success stories and the first in a series of Southpaw Stories developed around compelling testimonials offered by Southpaw customers. Direct endorsements, packaged in this easily shareable format, are a highly effective way to present specialized offerings, drive leads and directly impact the bottom line.

Southpaw's Multi-Sensory Environment

Southpaw worked directly with the therapists at Verland to create an MSE room customized to the unique needs of its population. An MSE room is an innovative space designed to allow users to control all aspects of sensation in the area—sight, sound, touch and even smell.

Since their founding in 1978, Southpaw has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing sensory therapy and neurodevelopmental products that allow therapeutic professionals, people with special needs, their families and other professionals to solve problems and overcome challenges. For more than a decade, they have been designing and manufacturing Multi-Sensory Environment products that can change lives by empowering individuals to overcome sensory deficits, take control and explore the world around them.