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A brand that lives up to its promise.

Southpaw works closely with occupational therapists across the country to research, develop and manufacture sensory integration and neurodevelopmental products for the clinic and the classroom. For more than 40 years, they’ve taken great pride in both their premium-quality products and the fact they are all Made in the USA. They needed a brand that positioned them as the leader in this space and showcased the pride they take in helping  people with neurodevelopmental disorders.

BD&E worked with Southpaw to develop a new brand identity and marketing strategy featuring a new e-commerce website and redesigned print catalogs that better reflected the quality, care and professionalism of the products they manufacture.

Southpaw website

We created a new powerful graphic identity and brand positioning statement that would clearly articulate Southpaw’s mission. “Embracing the World of Sensory Therapies” expresses Southpaw’s sincere devotion to helping therapists be more effective every day.

Southpaw Brand
Southpaw Brand
Southpaw website
Southpaw website
Southpaw website
Southpaw website

“In addition to helping us build our brand, BD&E has enabled us to bring digital and offline together so that all of our brand messaging and marketing efforts are more efficient, consistent, and effective. Since working with BD&E, our annual revenue has grown more than 35%.”

- Alex Moore,President, Southpaw -


Southpaw’s top-line revenue has grown over 35% since engaging with BD&E.