Southpaw Brand Development & Website

Southpaw Enterprises had a great story and great products.

They work closely with occupational therapists across the country to research, develop and manufacture sensory integration and neurodevelopmental products for the clinic and the classroom. For more than 40 years, they’ve taken great pride in both their premium-quality products and the fact they are all Made in the USA.

What weren’t they doing? Telling that story or marketing their sensational products effectively. In fact, the majority of their orders were still being received via fax.

BD&E dove in and conducted a thorough brand audit and marketing assessment. A few findings became clear. First they needed to consolidate their brand architecture and unify the company under the simpler and more concise name, Southpaw, with a more clarified vision. Second they needed to improve their customer transactional experience.

Our research revealed Southpaw’s deep and abiding commitment to therapeutic professionals who care for those with sensory therapy requirements. We created a new powerful graphic identity and brand positioning statement that would clearly articulate Southpaw’s mission. “Embracing the World of Sensory Therapies” expresses Southpaw’s sincere devotion to helping therapists be more effective every day.

As part of a comprehensive marking strategy, we developed a new e-commerce site and redesigned print catalogs that were not only engaging and easy to use, but better reflected the quality, care and professionalism of the products Sothpaw manufactures.

All indicators show that Southpaw’s customers are not only more engaged, but they are also purchasing more products. Southpaw’s top-line revenue has grown over 35% since engaging with BD&E.