PA Distance Learning community van

Going the Distance

BD&E’s long-time client, PA Distance Learning Charter School, continually looks for ways to connect with their families and the communities in which they live. Building upon this year’s school-wide theme, “Community Connections Matter,” PA Distance added three mobile event vehicles to enhance their efforts.

Dubbed the “Community Connectors,” these vans are designed to travel to planned events in communities across Pennsylvania. To aid in this effort, BD&E worked with PA Distance to brand the vans with colorful and engaging designs that promote awareness and demonstrate the school’s energetic and welcoming atmosphere. Having the ability to travel allows the school to build stronger relationships with enrolled families and convey more about their offerings. In addition, the PA Distance Community Engagement Team networks on a local level to connect families with supportive resources, furthering the mission of personalized learning with personalized support for parents, too.

PA Distance provides a welcoming virtual learning environment for students in grades K-12 across Pennsylvania. Students engage in a blended environment that combines “synchronous” and “asynchronous” learning. PA Distance’s mission is to blend proven classroom teaching techniques with educational technologies to promote academic growth for all students.