For the past six years, BD&E has helped Southpaw manage its brand and generate growth in sales of nearly 70%.

Included in our efforts are a comprehensive brand strategy and new corporate identity, a fully integrated e-commerce website, creation of a library of product catalogs, and much more. Selling to an international customer base, Southpaw embraces the world of sensory therapies by designing, fabricating and distributing sensory integration and neurodevelopmental products almost exclusively to occupational therapists.

Southpaw Instagram Account

BD&E most recently conducted an audit of Southpaw’s social media account activity. Based upon tactical goals and audience focus, we devised a comprehensive strategy for platform utilization, post scheduling, and action plans that connect audiences with respective platforms—all aimed at growing Southpaw’s social media presence. Our team developed original, branded content to be shared on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube. This strategy is being implemented now, as organic and paid social media becomes an intrinsic part of Southpaw’s overall integrated marketing strategy moving forward.