What’s Green is Golden

Saint Patrick’s Day. It was always a confusing one for me, while my Irish Setter friends considered it the best Day o’ the Year. I always thought it was a bunch of malarkey, until my luck turned around this year.

As you may or may not know, we Goldens use our noses to track just about everything. The morning of March 17th, I picked up a strong trail. Something was hiding. Something new and intriguing. Like nothing before, this little green figure kept popping in and out of sight. I just couldn’t catch it! I was beginning to think my breakfast was spiked. And then, just like they tell it…a mythical rainbow appeared, and to my delight, a magical pot filled for a Golden.

What a grand aul day! A jammy pup am I! If yer lookin fer me, I’ll be down at Paddy’s with the Setters. Sláinte! (It is pronounced “slahn-cha,” by the way.)