Summer Bash

Memorial Day—the start of the summer season! And that means swimming season is right around the corner. If you know me, you’ve probably seen my reluctance to venture into swimming pools or the ocean. It’s so un-retriever-like. So, I decided to work on it and start out small. A shallow pool, comfortable surroundings, sun shining, birds chirping, what could go wrong? Well, just about everything if you ask me. Pools are TERRIFYING no matter how big or small. What might be lurking in the murky depths? Nope! Absolutely too risky.

After a lot of coaxing, I did muster up enough courage to retrieve my toys. I will continue to work on this; after all, I eventually conquered my fear of lakes. This Memorial Day, I stuck to dry land and spent the day chillin’ and grillin’ instead. Hope your Memorial Day was a good one.

Our thanks and gratitude go to those who gave their lives for our country.