Bash and Bella

New Year, New Goals

Ah, 2023, a new year to set new goals for myself. This year I want to push myself to live up to my predecessor, Bella. As many of you may recall, Bella was the previous Top Dog at BD&E and she was also a certified therapy dog!

Bella left a legacy that even the best of the best would find hard to match. It has been a challenge for me, but lately I’ve been showing progress. There are still a few things I need to focus on this year. For starters, less running and more prancing in the halls, and refraining from barking at the ladders. Then I’ll move on to less begging (a treat means 1…not 5) and obeying the “No dogs in the conference room” rule (that’s a tough one for me). Lastly, there’s one everyone will appreciate—not coming back covered in mud after afternoon walks. I am going to make Bella so proud!