Skidmore College Capital Campaign

Gather. Connect. Thrive.

BD&E recently had the opportunity to brand the “Gather. Connect. Thrive.” campaign for Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York. This fundraising effort was initiated to fund construction of the state-of-the-art McCaffery-Wagman Tennis and Wellness Center. This new addition to campus physically reflects Skidmore’s commitment to providing an exceptional educational experience nurturing the whole student. By investing in this facility, the College seeks to enhance student well-being, athletic opportunities, community engagement, the holistic development of its students, and ongoing recruitment efforts.

Over several campus visits and extensive meetings with stakeholders, BD&E developed a deep understanding of Skidmore’s vision and aspirations and created a compelling narrative that effectively resonates with the College’s community and beyond.

In addition to developing the campaign’s name, a highlight of BD&E’s efforts on this engagement is a captivating video that takes viewers on an engaging journey showcasing the transformative power of the new Center. With striking visuals, heartfelt testimonials, and an engaging storyline, the video serves as a powerful tool to inspire and inform potential donors. A visually appealing brochure providing informative and supplemental details was also developed.