YSUF Book Cover and Spread

Commemorating a Vision

BD&E’s 46 years of developing strategic branding and marketing materials have presented many opportunities to work with organizations throughout the country. This specialization enables us to effectively communicate each organization’s unique vision. For Youngstown State University Foundation, their new vision offered promise. The promise of educational opportunity, academic excellence, and an unwavering commitment to their community and surrounding region. Their vision was manifested in the “We See Tomorrow” campaign.

YSUF Book Inside Spread
YSUF Book Inside Spread

In 2017, BD&E was initially retained to name and help launch this campaign. Later, we were asked to design a direct-mail appeal. When the Foundation exceeded its original $100 million goal by $26 million, we were called upon once again—this time, to commemorate the campaign’s resounding success. BD&E and the YSU Foundation team collaborated to create an 88-page oversized coffee table book that compellingly takes viewers through a historical journey of philanthropy and vision, intermingled with bright, forward-facing student profiles, grateful alumni testimonials, and stories featuring the impact made by the generosity of donors.

The book was graciously received by significant donors and friends of the University at a celebratory event this past September.