Ten years ago BD&E partnered with our new—now terrific—friends at Gustavus Adolphus College in a comprehensive branding initiative.

One outcome of this initiative was BD&E’s creation of the brandline Make your life count. In 2018 we conducted an extensive brand review, which revealed that, over time, an even stronger connection has developed between the brandline, the core values of the College, and the individual outcomes of the students. The task at hand—how do we further capture this extended depth and meaning of the Gustavus brandline?

Revealed through our process were incredibly diverse individuals—local and global, creative and industrious, earthly and ethereal, all uniquely but collectively living lives of purpose—the very essence behind the Gustavus brand. We tell their stories through a multifaceted approach that includes illustrious print, video documentaries, captivating photographic portraiture, compelling writing, and an immersive website experience. Once again, BD&E is privileged to partner with Gustavus in the enhanced delivery of their brand message.