Young at Bark

🎵 It’s my party and I’ll howl if I want to… 🎵

Rumor has it I am turning four this month. How did that happen? I don’t want to grow up, and certainly don’t want to do any adulting. I am a canine Peter Pan! Enjoying life, leaf chasing, stick scavenging and random zoomies.

I do like birthdays, though, especially tearing into—uh, maturely opening—my presents. I love surprises, except when it’s an unexpected encounter with a ladder, large box or wheeled cart.

I could barely keep my tail from wagging when I received the holy grail of all gifts: crunchy movie time toys! And just in time, too, because I was starting to run out of toys to play with. I’m already down to only 20 to choose from.

Thanks to my BD&E buddies for celebrating with me—now let’s go eat cake!