Heinz Red Zone pouring

Tradition Runs Thick

Who could have predicted the deep connection a city of devoted football fans would make with a stadium? For the Steelers Nation, Heinz Field has become synonymous with their beloved team. (Now that’s great branding!)

It’s no surprise that after 21 years, the announcement of a name change for the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers has come with monumental dismay. At BD&E, we couldn’t agree more. After all, we were at the table with Heinz executives and Steelers ownership when Heinz Field was christened (no coincidence that tomatoes are grown in fields) and proceeded with the creation of the Heinz Field and Red Zone brands that embody everything fans love about the famed Pittsburgh ketchup maker. Combine that with diehard Steelers fans, and you’ve got a powerhouse recipe for success!

Heinz Field logo
Heinz Red Zone logo

BD&E was born and raised in Pittsburgh too, and we are proud of the many brands we’ve created that are lighting skylines here in our hometown, and across the country. Change can bring greater appreciation, and the Steelers Nation will continue to pour it on! Here We Go!