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BD&E Comprehensively Branded and Positioned Presbyterian College for Continued Growth and Success.

Presbyterian College was founded within the framework of the Christian faith and has been known for a sense of community, academic rigor, exceptional liberal arts education and commitment to service. Unfortunately, a weak brand awareness coupled with a lack of marketing assets contributed to Presbyterian College’s declining enrollment. Administrators knew that something had to change if the College’s legacy was to live on.

Presbyterian College has always focused on investing in its students. However, to begin a new chapter of growth, they realized that investment in their brand identity and marketing endeavors was paramount to their success.

After extensive research and on-campus interviews, BD&E authentically repositioned Presbyterian College’s brand identity. Complete with traditional, digital and outdoor marketing collateral, BD&E helped to accurately communicate the experience of the students, faculty and administrators to those outside of Clinton, South Carolina.

Alongside these efforts, the brand line – Be Inspired for Life – was born.

Presbyterian College
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BD&E capitalized on Presbyterian College’s opportunities for growth and focused on building a brand strategy around its core values: relationships, excellence and service.

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Presbyterian College
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“The imagery in the new publications paints a picture for prospective students and allows them to see the possibilities that exist at Presbyterian College. There are great stories that focus on relationships PC students share during their four years as they create memories and lasting friendships.”

- Jeff Flick, President & CEO, BD&E -


Through BD&E’s comprehensive positioning of Presbyterian College’s brand identity, the school successfully increased its undergraduate enrollment by 20% using a variety of recruitment marketing resources.

Awards & Recognition

34th Annual Educational Advertising Awards
Gold, Website

33rd Educational Advertising Awards
Gold, Special Video

32nd Educational Advertising Awards
Gold, Undergraduate Website
Gold, Recruitment/Outcomes Posters
Silver, Capital Campaign Marketing Materials & Video

31st Educational Advertising Awards
Silver, At-a-Glance Marketing Piece
Merit, Travel Brochure