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When the Pittsburgh Steelers moved into their new stadium, they were looking for a corporate partner to match their iconic status. That search went down to the wire, and when H.J. Heinz Company was finally selected, the entire identity needed to be completed at the pace of a 2-minute drill.

Our hurry-up offense built a visual identity that provided powerful reinforcement for the Heinz brand—while successfully accommodating the strong individual identities of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the University of Pittsburgh football teams.

Heinz Field

BD&E used its experience with the Heinz brand to quickly develop a strategy for the new Heinz Field identity. But the challenge was a big one—a 96' wide Jumbotron with two 35' ketchup bottles on top to be exact. The mark also needed to work on everything from directional signage and multistory banners to merchandise, cups, tickets and trinkets.

Heinz Field
Heinz Field
Heinz Field Red Zone
Heinz Field Red Zone


Heinz Field’s identity package combined the renowned stature of both the Pittsburgh Steelers and Heinz. An exciting animated feature custom-designed for the Jumbotron is a Heinz Red Zone promotion with 35′ exact replica Heinz Ketchup bottles that “pour” LED ketchup every time the Steelers entered the “Red Zone.”

The promotion was so successful, it was extended into multiple NFL markets and their grocery store distributers of Heinz products.