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Aligning on a vision.

Gleason & Associates had a stellar reputation with existing clients. What they didn’t have? A great way to articulate who it is, what it does, and its expertise to people unfamiliar with the company.

BD&E strategically repositioned Gleason by introducing a new name, logo, brandline and website. All helping to communicate the national scale, scope and expertise provided by Gleason.

Gleason website and branding

We also created the brandline “Value Beyond Dispute” because not only is Gleason the ultimate authority on valuation but it consistently provides significant value to its clients.

Gleason Brand
Gleason Brand
Gleason Brand
Gleason Brand stationery
Gleason Brand Email
Gleason Website
Gleason website

“BD&E developed a new brand platform, identity, and brandline that has been implemented across all of our marketing collateral, signage, email marketing, and website. The new brand is contemporary and sophisticated aligning with the high level of services we provide. Current and prospective clients now understand the core of Gleason in a way that is succinct, compelling and extremely effective in helping us grow our business.”

- Mark Gleason, Founder/President/Managing Director -


Gleason now has a clarified mission, brand and message. Current and prospective clients now have a clear understanding of the core of who Gleason is and what it does. All critical in helping the company grow its business.