Happy Holidays from BD&E

Goodwill to All

’Twas the night before Christmas at BD&E,
With Bash soundly snoozing under the tree.
The proofs all reviewed, the files zipped away.
The brand elves strategically reviewing their day.
Designers creatively wrapping with flair,
And writers wordsmithing the cards we will share!

With clients all happy and work done just right,
We backed up the archives and called it a night.
While bidding our merries, came a knock at the door.
Was FedEx delivering just one present more?!

The driver well-branded in red and white kicks,
This influencer’s handle was surely @StNick.
“You worked so hard in a year quite unraveling.
You did it without grumbling or griping or graveling.
I don’t say this lightly, for that I commend!
We all can be grateful this year will soon end.”

Then he summoned his Bronco (new Car of the Year),
Powered by eight (not so tiny) reindeer.
Now Pixel! Now Pantone! Now Dashboard and Doodle!
On Hashtag! On Tagline! On Blogger and Google!

As he drove out of sight, our computers were ringing.
He started a Zoom call and angels were singing.
We made sure to unmute to echo his call,
“Peace on Earth, my dear friends, and Goodwill to All.”