Edinboro University is embarking on a long-term strategy to increase admissions standards and enhance the overall perception of the University.

Over the past six months, BD&E dug deep into all aspects of the Edinboro experience, from academics to intramurals. We immersed ourselves in the development of a comprehensive brand strategy.

Among the effective outcomes of our work is a new brandline, “For Those Who Strive,” which serves as a call to those willing to work hard and strive to better themselves. This messaging connects not only with prospective students but also the campus community and alumni. It is based upon the authentic ethos of passion, perseverance and grit that exists throughout every corner of the campus.

Launched in late August, this new branding is dynamically taking shape in multiple applications. A suite of publications has been developed for admissions marketing and enrollment management. In addition BD&E created an extensive and strategic media campaign. Included are spirited television commercials targeted at college-bound prospects ready to strive for their success.