Trocaire Outcomes Piece

Flexibility, Function and Focus

At Trocaire College, regional economic trends play a big part in program development and degree offerings. For a nimble institution that is willing to support local economic needs, this requires a modular approach to marketing materials. BD&E recently partnered with Trocaire to develop new materials that can be feasibly modified to provide that level of flexibility and function.BD&E developed two viewbooks that focus on the school’s core areas of study. Each contains evergreen information on the College with a pocket where program-specific information is inserted. Consequently, whenever Trocaire adds a new program, an insert sheet can be developed and placed into the packet seamlessly and inexpensively. These viewbooks for Health Professions and Technology Professions are accompanied by an Outcomes brochure featuring alumni success stories.

Collaborating with the Trocaire team, BD&E developed a newly branded visual design, wrote all of the content, shot photography, and delivered printed brochures—all during the challenging environment of the ongoing pandemic.

Trocaire Healthcare Viewbook
Trocaire Technology Viewbook

“We are thrilled with the new pieces. They truly reflect the voice and visuals we were hoping for in our collateral. A Trocaire education transforms the lives of our students and their families, and that impact can be difficult to capture in printed materials. The team at BD&E accomplished that and have told our story in a very compelling way.”—Jackie Matheny, Special Assistant to the President for External Affairs

Located in Buffalo, Trocaire College has been providing career-oriented degrees to Western New York since 1958. For years it was best known as an institution that trained the region’s healthcare professionals. We are honored to be a partner of this remarkable institution and applaud its efforts in serving the local community.