Admissions Marketing & Advertising

For Those Who Strive.

Across the country, colleges and universities are facing tough challenges.

Not enough quality applicants. Cuts to funding. Adapting curriculums to meet a rapidly changing world.

And Edinboro University was not immune to those challenges.

Over the last several years the University had experienced a decrease in both the quantity and quality of student applicants.

Something had to change. And change fast.

That’s where BD&E came in.

We started by listening. Our team conducted extensive on-campus interviews with students, faculty, alumni and other key members of the university.

We heard the good and the bad. And found out there was a genuine concern for the direction of the school.

But more importantly we heard something else.

We heard about work ethic and students who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves. We heard over and over that if a student is willing to work for it, this school will change their life.

We found it was the perfect place for a student with grit.

What’s grit? It’s what defines Edinboro students. A student with grit understands the great opportunity they have to attend college. And they seize it.

Maybe they are the first generation in their family to attend college. They might be a student working full-time and going to school full-time. But they all have something in common: a determination and willingness to work hard today for something greater tomorrow.

These are Edinboro’s kind of people.

That’s the insight we built our campaign around. And we summarized it in a new brandline:

For Those Who Strive.

It’s a bold message. One that speaks to the type of student Edinboro wants.

That hard-working, proud and aspirational message was rolled out in several key media markets through television, radio, outdoor and online advertising.

Our creative strategy targeted students who were willing to work hard to improve themselves.

And most importantly, this message became a rallying cry. The students, the faculty and the entire school is ready. Ready to put in the time. Ready to do what it takes, ready to secure a greater future for themselves, and for Edinboro…Ready to strive.