Creating Life-Altering Space

What if any classroom empowered a child to overcome sensory deficits? Or if a room – any room at all – could increase relaxation and sensory flexibility? Thanks to Southpaw’s Sensory Rover, any room can become a Multi-Sensory Environment, a space with the power to transform lives.

BD&E recently worked with Southpaw to develop a promotional video featuring new upgrades and core features that make the Sensory Rover such a transformative tool. Additionally, we developed a comprehensive instructional video to help customers get the most from their experience, further demonstrating Southpaw’s brand promise of commitment and customer support throughout the life of their products.

Southpaw Multi-Sensory Environment

Southpaw works with occupational therapists across the country to research, develop and manufacture sensory integration and neurodevelopmental products for the clinic and classroom. They are industry leaders and continually work to enhance their product offering to meet the needs of their customers.