360-degree tour

Creating a Life-Altering Simulation

Virtual tours are 360-degree simulations that allow visitors to digitally step inside your business or organization from any device, making them a powerful tool to drive website traffic and increase engagement. In fact, statistics show that websites with virtual tours are viewed 5-10 times longer than those without. So, when our longtime client Southpaw came to us seeking a better way to demonstrate the effectiveness of their Multi-Sensory Environment rooms, we saw this as a perfect solution.

Southpaw is the industry leader in the development of Muti-Sensory Environment equipment and spaces—a wondrous and immersive therapy that empowers individuals to overcome sensory deficits through a form of communication that focuses on the natural process of sensory stimulation. It is truly a sight, sound and touch experience that is a challenge to convey using still photography.

Southpaw MSE Geriatric Room
Southpaw MSE Pediatric Room

BD&E worked collaboratively with Southpaw to capture the experience in a 360-degree video tour that transports viewers into the space, offering opportunities to interact and explore, and to learn more about the functions and benefits of Southpaw products. It’s precisely the solution needed to illustrate Southpaw’s specialized and integrated offerings, and demonstrate the impact they can have in the lives of those receiving therapy.