Trocaire College Website

Careers of Achievement, Lives of Purpose.

A website serves as an organization’s front door to the world. It must be welcoming, engaging and accessible, and convey the brand essence of the organization.

BD&E began its partnership with Trocaire College (Buffalo, NY) in January 2020, and in the months that followed, the school’s brand was brought to life. Applying our extensive experience in higher education marketing, our team created enrollment collateral, videostelevision and radio spots, and implemented both traditional and digital advertising plans. To cap off this effort, BD&E began collaborative work with the Trocaire website planning team to reimagine the Trocaire website.

Allowing for an improved user experience, BD&E provided an updated site architecture focused on an intuitive navigation structure and consistent information patterns. Other features include the creation of an updatable staff directory, enhanced search functionality, audience navigation and social media integration. The new site is admissions-driven, highlighting the various program offerings Trocaire provides to prospective students with clear and strategically placed calls to action. Successfully launched in September, this new website completes a branded suite of marketing materials for Trocaire.

Jacqueline S. Matheny, Special Assistant to the President for External Affairs, stated “Trocaire’s website had become similar to our college catalog—a repository for everything. We needed a new look but more than that we needed a website that could drive enrollment and speak to our external constituents. The new site is now a place that we are excited to drive prospects to. And they don’t have to navigate through content that is not relevant to their needs.”