TriState Capital Collateral

Branding with Confidence

The past year presented challenges for all financial services companies. With traditional banks facing branch closings and operational upheaval, brand loyalty was put to the test. In the private banking sector, digital channels were already well rooted and a clear advantage in a locked-down pandemic environment. Still, restrictions greatly disrupted personal engagement and relationship practices.

For TriState Capital Bank, relationships have been the foundation of its unprecedented growth and essential in all aspects of customer experience. Innovative products and services integrated with best-practice technology have been critical in maintaining customer loyalty. Brand consistency, core to the company’s culture, has been key in nurturing trust and confidence. BD&E has worked diligently with the TriState Capital team to bring all marketing communications, both client-facing and internal, to the highest level of quality and functionality. At a time when confidence was being put to the test, strategic brand stewardship helped TriState Capital exceed customer expectations and maintain its respected reputation of excellence.

TriState Capital Bank is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).