Agents of Change

A focus on the enduring connection between humans and the environment makes Batten Honors College at Virginia Wesleyan University a unique choice for talented undergraduate students. And, with an endowment of over $80 million dedicated to scholarships and academic programming, the University looks to attract top prospects prepared to take on rigorous academics. Additionally unique to Batten Honors College is the opportunity for students to become agents of change.

To tell this compelling story, the University turned to BD&E.

Marketing Materials

Creative strategies developed by BD&E included engaging printed collateral along with videos to enrich marketing efforts for web and social media. Virginia Wesleyan University is eager to recruit students who want to “make their move” in taking their passion and talent into the world to create bold change. Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the Batten Honors College consists of 160 scholars from 24 states and 9 countries.