NCFTA Anniversary Seal

$12.25B in Financial Losses Prevented

Now that’s an accomplishment! Add $178 million in law enforcement seizures and 27,000 intelligence reports produced and that sums up the work the National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance has completed in its first 20 years. All of which called for a custom-designed anniversary seal by BD&E. Our accepted mission — design a targeted configuration that prominently features the institutional logo (designed by BD&E five years earlier) and a visual tie to the organization’s “Steel City” roots.

Founded in Pittsburgh in 2002, NCFTA is a global model for public-private partnerships. Focused on identifying, mitigating, disrupting and neutralizing cyber-crime threats globally, the NCFTA ensures industry, government, academia and law enforcement can share vital information in real time to keep the interests of so many safe. Congratulations to NCFTA for reaching this 20-year milestone in the pursuit to fulfill its vision.