TriState Capital Bank, 10th Anniversary Celebration

After a decade of serving a unique clientele, how would TriState Capital celebrate this success?

In 2007, three insightful individuals saw an opportunity to address the unmet banking needs of middle-market businesses, executives and high-net-worth individuals.

Their vision was to combine the capabilities of a large financial institution with the personalized service of a smaller bank, and TriState Capital Bank was founded.

They built their bank from the ground up, reaching over $6 billion in deposits in just 10 years.

They sought the most experienced professionals to join their team, successfully building a unique banking business that served the distinctive needs of its customers.

From acquisitions to going public on the NYSE, TriState Capital flourished alongside its clients and employees.

After reaching its 10 year milestone, TriState Capital wanted a special way to commemorate the hard work of its employees and the strong relationships they developed with clients.

BD&E has maintained a strong partnership with TriState Capital, providing strategic branding, marketing and communications services since its founding. Based on this trusted relationship, TriState Capital approached BD&E for a campaign to appropriately celebrate its 10-year anniversary.

BD&E produced a commemorative video encompassing the historical journey of the firm, and designed an anniversary logo, which comprehensively branded all  aspects of the the six-city celebratory event.