125th Anniversary Celebration

It’s not often we see an independently owned company achieve its 125th anniversary. Reaching this milestone takes consistency–in work ethic, company culture, and building on expertise. That’s where Henderson Brothers shines. Their customers have come to know that they can expect the very best insurance and retirement planning services from experts that go to heroic lengths to provide customers protection from risk.

It’s no surprise that Henderson Brothers decided to celebrate this momentous occasion with their customers. Senior management engaged BD&E to assist in the planning.

We worked to highlight and honor company origins, historical timelines, and significant contributors to its success. A visual identity was designed with graphics and colors branded to reflect on the past and look ahead to the future. Included was a new logo strategically designed to commemorate the anniversary and to also become the new corporate logo moving forward.

BD&E comprehensively designed and managed a gala event at Heinz Field, which entailed materials such as “save-the-date” cards, a formal invitation design, RSVP and landing page development, and a reminder email sent to a managed list. We also designed and coordinated the event space, decor, entertainment, name tags, sign fabrication, large-scale banner graphics, and static and video assets displayed throughout the event space (and on the 96′ Jumbotron), including a feature video presented by the company president.

In addition BD&E captured photography and video at the event that we then used to create a thank-you video sent to all invitees and guests.