Southpaw works closely with occupational therapists across the country to research, develop, and manufacture sensory integration and neurodevelopmental products for the clinic and the classroom. Southpaw custom manufactures its products in Dayton, Ohio, to ensure superior quality and durability. These products are guaranteed to last, whatever, forever. BD&E was honored to work closely with Southpaw to communicate its brand in a way that is both compelling and engaging.



Identity Development

Southpaw proves BD&E’s theory that brands are not created, they are discovered. Through a series of interviews with the management team and key personnel, we discovered Southpaw’s deep and abiding commitment to therapeutic professionals who care for those with sensory therapy requirements. We created a powerful brand positioning statement that would clearly articulate Southpaw’s mission. “Embracing the World of Sensory Therapies” expresses Southpaw’s sincere devotion to helping therapists be more effective every day.


Southpaw Product Catalogs

Product Catalogs

We designed a bright, new catalog for Southpaw to display its wide array of products. These catalogs are primarily used by occupational therapists to find products that meet all of their clients’ needs. The new design of the catalog makes it easy for Southpaw’s clients to view products and place their desired orders.

Southpaw Website

Website Development

A major goal of Southpaw’s website redesign was to increase usage of the e-commerce component and, consequently, increase overall sales. The new intuitive interface, revitalized brand articulation, and enhanced checkout process worked together seamlessly to help us achieve this goal. All indicators show that Southpaw’s customers are not only more engaged, but they are also purchasing more products — the true test of the website’s success!