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December 2016 | eNewsletter
Friendship is at the heart of the beloved story of a young boy’s search for the true meaning of Christmas. Once again, at this time of year, we are reminded…

November 2016 | eNewsletter
Books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything. Operation Paperback sends thousands of books…

October 2016 | eNewsletter
Picture a future where robotics and automation are capable of planting, farming and harvesting our produce. A future where chemical-free food is grown in healthy soil…

September 2016 | eNewsletter
It’s a new era in Detroit, one driven by energy and entrepreneurship. And University of Detroit Mercy is synonymous with all that Detroit has become.

August 2016 | eNewsletter
Flick Financial understands that every person who walks through their door has unique circumstances, thus requiring very individualized financial guidance.

July 2016 | eNewsletter
The University & College Designers Association (UCDA) has recognized and awarded work BD&E developed for Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina.

June 2016 | eNewsletter
As large corporations, institutions, governments and non-governmental organizations are strongly in favor of any effort to promote sustainability…

May 2016 | eNewsletter
Duncan Financial Group is a well-established company with a truly unique business model, combining insurance, investment and tax services under a “single shingle.”

April 2016 | Feature Story
Sponsored by Higher Education Marketing Report, the most widely read educational marketing journal for the past 30 years, the Educational Advertising …

April 2016 | eNewsletter
Neville Hall, the treasured architectural flagship of the Presbyterian College campus, is about to undergo a major renovation and expansion.

March 2016 | Feature Story
The 2015 Collegiate Advertising Awards is an elite program recognizing higher education organizations for excellence in communications, marketing, advertising …

March 2016 | eNewsletter
Downtown Pittsburgh’s landscape is about to undergo an incredible transformation, and BD&E is excited to be an integral part of the effort.

February 2016 | eNewsletter
Building upon a new comprehensive brand strategy, brandline — Be Inspired for Life — and admissions marketing materials, BD&E has completed the latest addition …

January 2016 | eNewsletter
Upon his inauguration in 2014 as the ninth president of Community College of Allegheny County, Dr. Quintin Bullock committed his efforts …